Businesses today face the twin dilemma of controlling IT costs while keeping their enterprise up to date with the latest technology and feature-rich applications. For organizations looking to reduce the cost of ownership for enterprise IT, Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) software often provides a powerful solution to this conundrum.

COTS software helps you leverage the latest enterprise application features without the monetary investment and time required to develop a custom application from scratch.

The most pressing challenges:

COTS software can help businesses overcome technology-related and regulatory challenges such as:

  • Large monolithic enterprise applications that are difficult and expensive to modify or upgrade
  • Insufficient application agility to support the digital needs of the business
  • Lack of insights to enable informed decision making
  • Expensive maintenance of custom applications
  • Lack of user-friendly application functionality
  • Compliance and statutory reporting challenges


Key Offerings

Syntel’s offerings are designed to deliver more value than traditional COTS software. We bring together the best Agile, Digital and DevOps methodologies to create a solution that enhances the overall performance of your entire enterprise IT landscape, rather than focusing on individual solutions.

Systematic Upgrade | A systematic upgrade and migration approach to create a lean, agile, digital enterprise

Automation & Reusability |  Leveraging automation and reusability to improve project velocity

Enterprise-wide Outcomes |  Committing to deliver enterprise-wide business outcomes, versus incremental project-based improvements

Significant Savings | Delivering significant savings through intelligent DevOps, IT Ops and process automation

Professional Trainings: | http://technofinesoft.com/professional_training/course_list.php

Key Benefits

  • 35–45% TCO Reduction
  • 20% Faster Time to Market
  • Up to 90% Test Automation
  • Reduced Operational Risk and Improved System Reliability