We are planning to work on lift and shift projects with our expertise professionals who has tremendous experience on cloud platform and migration services. 

Since the need for cloud is increasing in market and it's competitive we train our employees in AWS and other cloud technologies to be competent and strive the market and lead by helping our existing customers and upforth. 

Amazon EC2 - Virtual Servers in the Cloud

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling - Scale Compute Capacity to Meet Demand

Amazon Elastic Container Service - Run and Manage Docker Containers

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes - Run Managed Kubernetes on AWS

Amazon Elastic Container Registry - Store and Retrieve Docker Images

Amazon Lightsail - Launch and Manage Virtual Private Servers

AWS Batch - Run Batch Jobs at Any Scale

AWS Elastic Beanstalk - Run and Manage Web Apps

AWS Fargate - Run Containers without Managing Servers or Clusters

AWS Lambda - Run your Code in Response to Events

AWS Serverless Application Repository - Discover, Deploy, and Publish Serverless Applications

VMware Cloud on AWS - Build a Hybrid Cloud without Custom Hardware